Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tudjman the Dragoman

The word dragoman which is the name of this blog is a bit outdated, especially in its original meaning as an interpreter. The dragoman was the official interpreter of a Western country with a Middle Eastern power and vice versa. The dragomans were trained in France at École des Jeunes de Langues, ancestor of the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations​​, ​​INALCO in Paris.
This word was borrowed from Arabic ترجمان /turjumān/ "interpreter" from the root ترجمة /tarjama/ "translate".
 It remained a place name : Драгоман Dragoman, a small city in Bulgaria, and familly names such  Tordjman and Tuđman /tudjman/ as in the case of Franjo Tudjman, first Croatian president.
In French language we kept the sentence par le truchement de "through, via something or somebody"

A dragoman introduced the Persian envoy Mirza Mohammed Reza Qazvini to Napoleon in a painting of Francois Mulard

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  1. I had always presumed that "dragoman" came from the Hittite "dargummiyant" =herald, from the verb "dargummiya" =proclaim.